Braxton Family Values Returns This Spring!!! #PassionateSpot

The BRAXTON clan are back with season three of their hit TV show, Braxton Family Values.

This season of BFV begins with the sister’s trip to Italy that dramatically takes a turn for the worst when TAMAR decides to pursue her blossoming music career instead of heading to the Eternal City with her siblings.

Season three also follows the sisters as TONI secures a leading role in a film, TRINA and GABE, along with TOWANDA and ANDRE work on reviving their marriages, and as TRACEY and TAMAR become immersed in their motor cycling and singing passions respectively.

Season three of Braxton Family Values air March 14th at 9pm on Bravo.

Courtesy of Juicy Magazine



  1. I am happy that Tamar is doing well with her song, now I want to see Trina, Tracy, and Towanna and of course Toni to shine as well

  2. I love BFV! I can’t wait for the new season. I hope Tamar doesn’t focus so much on her singing career that she completely sacrifices her relationships with her sisters.

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