SEO for Authors: Don’t Get Left Behind


Sweet Search Engine Optimization, dude!

SEO for authors: sounds about as thrilling as checking your manuscript for spelling errors, right?

I know. I know. You’re a brilliant writer. You have better things to do than tinker around with tags, keywords, and web links in order to boost your search ranking in Google. Your writing alone will take you to the top of the bestsellers lists!

Well that might’ve been true ten years ago, but these days the deeper your understanding of search engine optimization, the better your chances of winning over new readers online. The more readers you attract online, the more books you’ll sell; and then you’ll be thankful you learned some SEO basics AND corrected those spelling errors.

SEO basics for authors

Tech-savvy authors who understand SEO and who pay attention to analytics have a leg up on the rest of their literary peers. If you’ve been a Luddite thus far, it’s never too late to get caught up and become a real “modern” writer!

And for anyone out there who thinks they shouldn’t have to bother with all this geeky stuff– remember: geeks are taking over the world. It’s time to learn a few tricks or hire someone who’s got them down already (in which case it would still help to have a grasp of the basics, since you’ll be the one writing the checks).

Top 5 articles about SEO for authors

1. What is SEO and Why Should Writers Care?

2. Website Optimization: EVery Page is Your Homepage

3. Simple SEO for Authors

4. Boost Your Search Rankings with “Like” Buttons

5. Search-Friendly Images, Google, and the Wonderful Wizard of Oz

6. What You Need to Know About SEO

OK. You’ve got some reading cut out for you. Hopefully these articles will help you ease on down the road towards SEO gold.

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  1. Good info Tamika!

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