Music makes me write #PassionateSpot

I often times get a lot of motivation just from the sounds of music. Some of my best storylines comes from when I am lying still and allowing the music to just play. I am a musicnista. I love all sorts of music. I often times post a weekly song on my blog just to let you all know what song is currently in my spirit. So it came to no surprise to me when I was listening to Tamar’s song “Love and War” and instantly started to visualize the effects of a relationship on the edge.


Not to mention the past relationships I have held started to replay through my head like a sorry ass rerun. Have you ever started to go through your past relationships and started to wonder, what the hell were you thinking? You start to say he wasn’t that cute, he wasn’t that committed, I gave up to much of myself, or I was blind as hell to his lies. What is up with that?


Sadly but true we start to see the truth after it has been revealed time and time again. These revelations make a great book but of course in real life we can do without that head ache. But ask me what I have come up with now? I am an artist by all means and I can create a story just out of anything. I always have story in my head and therefore I have a new series coming.


And I can’t wait to reveal the title…..until then ya’ll hold your breath.



  1. I love Tamar’s song, it evokes so much emotion. I love all types of music as well and think I’ll start calling myself a “musicnista” (I like that word, hope you don’t mind lol). I’m excited to see what you do with your series as well!

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