I am on God’s Complete Number

523787_10151406178965485_1145299159_nSeven. Often time’s people forget that this number holds power and a purpose. Its true meaning is so powerful in my world that it has always been my favorite number. Seven Is Gods’s complete number. In seven days he created this Earth, so that number means something to him. And it means a lot to me. It means completion. Here I now stand at the age of 26 and will release my seventh novel on tomorrow. Kisses Don’t Lie 2 is my fourth series being behind The Ultimate No-No series, Cookie Series, and He’s My Favorite Mistake series.


I can’t express to you just how nervous I am as if this is 2008 and I am releasing my debut novel again. I can’t stress to you just how hectic my 2013 traveling calendar is and that it looks just as busy as my 2009 travel calendar. I can’t stress to you just how consistent I plan on being in my sixth year as a published author.


There are no words to explain what I feel. I can only show you. I am anxious but excited at the same time. You know why? It’s because this journey of being an author and living out my dreams is never the same. No day is the same, no reader receives you the same, no event is the same, and I do mean that nothing is the same. I have no idea how 2013 will go. I don’t know if my money will double or triple or if I will have a defeating moment, or a triumph. I have no clue but one thing I do know is that I am ready. I am so ready it’s ridiculous.


Tomorrow I continue my journey of being a published author and release my seventh book. Funny thing is I am already writing on my 8th release with the 9th one already planned out as well. This thing just keeps better and better. Make sure you get Kisses Don’t Lie 2 in stores and on all ebooks. J


In the coming months catch me in

Washington DC- February 7th

Forestville, Md- February 8th

Charleston, SC- February 23rd

Miami- March 15-17th

Austin- March 29-30th

Visit www.TamikaNewhouse.com for more details



  1. Yes Numbers truly do not lie!!

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