Winter 2012 Cover of Kontrol Girl Magazine Featuring Music, TV & Film Star China Anne McClain on the #PassionateSpot

China Anne McClain on the cover of Kontrol Girl Magazine's 2012 Winter Issue

China Anne McClain on the cover of Kontrol Girl Magazine’s 2012 Winter Issue

Check out a preview from her article in Kontrol Girl Magazine’s Winter Issue To Be Released December 14th via

 “Following her debut on the big screen in The Gospel, China has become a legitimate actress starring as “Jasmine” for many seasons on Tyler Perry’s House of Payne. Jasmine’s character played by China was hands down one of the highlights of every episode. China brought to set undeniable talent, wit, and a youthfulness that contributed greatly to the success of this sitcom. Witnessing the growth of child stars is often interesting, and during China’s time on House of Payne we as fans were privileged to watch this young lady grow from an innocent kid to a self-proclaimed actress. When asked about her experience working on Tyler Perry’s House of Payne China stated, “It was really, really fun and the cast was definitely like a family. I go back every chance I get”.

Immediately following Tyler Perry’s House of Payne, China was presented with an opportunity every child would love—becoming a Disney kid. China began working as the lead actress on Disney Channels hit television show A.N.T Farm with Sierra McCormick from Disney’s Hannah Montana, Jake Short, and Stefanie Scott. For China, A.N.T Farm was the perfect opportunity to reconnect publicly with her first love of singing. Not only does China sing the theme song, “Exceptional” for the show, China also covered Taio Cruz’s “Dynamite”. China’s cover of “Dynamite” was shown on the show and her very first music video for her cover for “Dynamite” reached more than one million views on YouTube.”

To read more, check out the Winter Issue released worldwide in digital and print formats this friday December 14th on

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