What the heck will I plan for 2013? on the #PassionateSpot

I want to pinch myself. No really…ouch! Ok back to reality now. Reality is 2012 is just about over and boy did I may drastic changes in my life. Moving out of Texas my home state where I live all 26 years of my life to come to Atlanta, GA. I must admit I miss home because that was home but Atlanta is a good replacement.

Next year will be my 6th year in the business of books. Initially being all of 20 years old I am now tipping on the end scale of my 20s in my pursuit to success. So now I start to think, what now? What’s next?

I’ve traveled to many states; met hundreds of readers, sold close to 100,000 downloads of my own books and now with a growing company (Delphine Publications) I ask what’s next. How can I elevate and grow? How can I stay consistent? How can I stay relevant? What will 2013 bring?

So many questions and such little time. I have started to write down my new goal list. Yep I make one every year and I make decisions on my marketing, the expansion of my business, the home front, and family. There are lots and lots of things to do. So I ask you, have you started to map out your yearly goals? If so what are some things that you are going to make sure you accomplish?




  1. Pentherapee says:

    Very excited getting to know you. I do have a question. Will you ever consider publishing children’s (specifically multicultural) books? It would be an honor to support and submit to a female/black owned publishing company. Thank you for your response and keep doing it the BOSS way!

  2. Yes I will do that in the future

  3. Pentherapee says:

    Great! Thanx for your response and I will keep up with you…xoxo

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