Listen to “Prototype” by @ArimaEderra on the #PassionateSpot

Introducing new “LADT” female affilate..”Arima Ederra”.. Listen as she pushes out the strokes of R&B/Soul vocal tones on the newly released heater “Protoype”.. Actually she’s hittin’ the notes proper and it only gets better with the laced track from composer “Al B Smoov”.. Support the slap and hit the jump for more info.. ghea!

Las Vegas based R&B/Soul singer of the Dirty Legends, Arima Ederra presents her third official release “Prototype”. This song is a bonus track that will not appear on her upcoming EP, “Earth to Arima” (presented by Ashley Outrageous and sponsored by JENESIS Magazine.) “Prototype” is produced by Al B Smoov, and samples Andre 3000’s “Prototype”. In the meantime go download Arima’s previously released single “Lovemological” and be on the look out for her EP Earth to Arima coming soon.-VIA LADT

More music by Arima can be found at





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