Maia Campbell ‘Fixes Her Life’ with Iyanla Vanzant on the #PassionateSpot

The general public is quick to judge a Hollywood “fallen star.” Case in point: 90s teen queen Maia Campbell rose to fame as cookie cutter Ashley on LL Cool J’s In The House and music video vixen. During Iyanla Vanzant‘s latest episode of Fix My Life, we got an insider look at how bipolar disorder and a complicated childhood led her to a drug-filled life on the streets as a young adult.

Maia, who is now almost two years sober and resides in an independent living facility, struggled to take responsibility for her mistakes and eventually opened up about feeling neglected as a child by her mother, writer Bebe Moore Campbell. Iyanla instructed  Maia to act out her life and confront her inner demons on an actual stage. In what is probably the most heart-wrenching moment, Maia sits face-to-face with her daughter and step-father to make amends and reassure them that she will get better.

Watch the Video here



  1. I actually saw this episode and thought it was very honest and heartfelt! Great re-cap in your writing 🙂

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