Tamika says “dance your booty off” #PassionateSpot

I have been asked on more than one occasion, “Why are you always so happy?” In response to that I tend to say, “I just am.” But in all actuality we are all human so we all go through something including me. So am I always happy? Of course I am not. But do I portray myself to be this ball of joy, yep I sure do! I often dance to my own music. No really I do! I will just start singing for no reason. Go on and ask the people who know me best, they know that 80% of my day I am singing. It’s my way of just letting my hair down and just being free. Free from drama, the book business, mommy duty, and away from those who depend on me. For some small amounts in my day I can find Mika and just dance. Go on and try it. Start singing now and just dance your booty off!




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