I can’t stand the haters but you need them!

So recently I had the pleasure of being exposed to yet more irrelevant behavior. It always tickles my humor bone when I witness the insecurities of my fellow writers. I was listening to the radio the other day here in Atlanta when the host stated that there are enough pieces of the pie. You often find people aiming for the same slice when they can just take their own. People fail to realize that not everyone’s level of success will be the same and that in your own time your shine will begin to light up.

So why is their consistent hate in the book industry? We write books here people we are not rappers or gangsters. Often times since 2008 I have been made aware of hate thrown my way. Many reasons spun from me being new back in 2008 and many couldn’t understand how I was everywhere in such a short amount of time. Other reasons spun from the fact that I don’t give a rats behind on negative folk’s opinions. See my “haters” fail to realize that I am not fazed by their cries for attention. By placing my name in your mouth I bring a sense of importance in your life. Well if I wasn’t important or if I wasn’t relevant then there would be no reason to mention my name. Or others who aim to follow their dreams shouldn’t be mentioned negatively either.

It doesn’t help the “haters” ego too that I openly say “who cares” and next!” I also often get emails that say, “Wow sis I am happy to see you still going”. And I get puzzled on why people are shocked at my consistency. Maybe because a large percentage of us quit before trying, hate on others who we quite don’t understand, or are angry at the blessings given to others. I cannot stand the division between our people. Where is the unity and genuine happiness for others?

I must admit I absolutely love my haters. Especially those who mention my name openly. Mainly because if my name was Susie Mae people who be like who is that? You wouldn’t mention a name of a nobody now would you?

So this is a message to those who wish nothing but the worse for me. The day I openly act ignorant, or rude, or mean for no reason, the day I steal funds, be selfish and shut down AAMBC  and only focus on my books, that may be the day when your allegations of “Tamika is a bad person” may be true.

But until then I will continue to share my story of success. I will continue to operate AAMBC, a platform that was created to promote “your” books and continue to spread my time in promoting you and my books. I mean in the end if I was so selfish; AAMBC wouldn’t be here right?

Any who enough with my service announcement. Kisses and hugs to the consistent ones.

*This has been a message to the continued naysayers of anyone who has ever pursued their dreams. Please focus on your dreams as well so that we all can be successful.



  1. Love, love, love it!

  2. love, love, love this!

  3. GREAT message….I agree with every point that was made—I luv u HATERS!!!

  4. Lol flip em the bird and keep it moving 😉


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