#AAMBC launches the 4th annual Holiday Book Drive #PassionateSpot

Launched in 2009, AAMBC began to conduct their annual book drives to bring awareness to literacy. Encouraging our youth to read more and pick up a book, AAMBC founder Tamika Newhouse made it a mission to raise books during the holiday season. With various fundraisers throughout the country withs goals to raise food and clothing, the book drive is to spread the love for literature and to entertain those who are less fortunate in a way they would have never imagined.

This year help us raise at least 100 books by sending in young adult novels, children’s books, self-help, and romance (non-explicit). Books will be donated to women’s shelters and group homes, boys and girl’s club programs, and youth organizations in the greater area of Atlanta.

If you do not have any books to donate please consider donating $10 to go towards a purchase of a book.  If you have any questions about AAMBC the book drive, and our missions please email us at aambookclub@gmail.com .


Send donated books to


Po Box 80883

Atlanta, GA 30366

Monetary donations can be sent via paypal address aambookclub@YAHOO.com

Fundraiser ends Dec 15th


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