Karyn White Returns To ‘Seize The Day’ on the #PassionateSpot

Courtesy of Soul Bounce

Here’s a sentence I’d never thought I’d be writing: Karyn White is back! Ms. White (an alum of our Class of 1991), has been off the radar for quite some time and now she’s here to seize the day. Speaking of which, “Seize the Day” just so happens to be the title of her latest song and video. Lifted from her latest album, Carpe Diem, the song is all about Karyn taking control of her musical destiny. The video captures the essence of that perfectly. Looking flawless at 47, Karyn tells her man — who happens to be Darius McCrary of Family Matters fame — that she’s leaving him to put her music career first. What follows are, admittedly, a few video clichés (Karyn on a sunny rooftop, Karyn sitting and chilling with her girls, Karyn wearing an opulent fur and sparkly dress), but the feel good, confident vibes of the song overcome them. And her voice, like her beauty, has just gotten finer with age. Welcome back, Karyn. We definitely missed you. Carpe Diem, which dropped quietly this past March, is in stores now.



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