#ABeautifulMess by @Torica covers the #PassionateSpot

Torica is currently prepping the release of her AOne Music Group studio album, A Beautiful Mess released on August 4, 2012. She’s on a mission to make sure the whole world hears her groundbreaking music. Torica’s sound is best described as familiar R&B that you’ve never heard before.

She recently inked a creative partnership with platinum producer AOne for his imprint AOne Music Group and she currently divides her time between her Atlanta and New York homes, writing for other artists while gearing up to step out of the booth and into the spotlight. She’s currently working with Amadeus (Justin Bieber), The Ambassadorz (Usher, PCD), The Klasix (Joe Budden, Kat Deluna), First Born (Nicki Minaj), and Young Yonny (Trey Songz).

Torica Cornelius, known simply as Torica, is a singer/songwriter, born and raised in Columbia, SC. As a child, Torica spent years nurturing her passion for writing and singing, while developing the ability to capture the attention of others through her personality and voice.

In pursuit of a career in music, Torica headed to Atlanta, where in 2002, she landed a collaboration with Geffen/MCA Records artist, Field Mob, on their hit single, Sick of Being Lonely.

After spending weeks on the Billboard charts & receiving her first RIAA Gold certification, Torica went on to perform on national stages, like Jimmy Kimmel Live & Soul Train. You couldn’t turn on MTV, BET, or VH1 without hearing the catchy radio single or seeing the music video.

It’s very few people who can say they are Grammy-Nominated without ever having a record deal, but Torica can. She began to emerge as a songwriter, penning songs for Snoop Dogg, Polow Da Don, Rick Ross, Jazze Pha, and many more of music’s biggest names.

Get to Know Torica

How did music become your passion?

Accordingly to my family, I could sing before I could talk and ever since I can remember, I’ve always been obsessed with watching and hearing people perform on television and live. But it wasn’t until my late brother gave me a Brandy and SWV cd, that I really started to believe that I too could one day perform on TV. So I began studying their songs and mimicking what they did with their voices and here we are today.

Of your recorded music which one defines you the most, and why?

This is hard to say because I’ve recorded so many songs, but there’s a song I did that got leaked to the internet called My Man & My Music that not only showcases my vocal skills, but also my songwriting ability, and my passion for music. It’s about being so in love with my music and my significant other that I’m asking him to not make me choose between the two. Music is my life so I hope I will never be put in that situation where I have to make that kind of decision.

What is your goal you are hoping to accomplish through your singing?

I want to be recognized as a TOP 10 award-winning artist, successful actress, and humanitarian; I want to be touring and performing to sold out crowds all over the world and sharing my music with new eyes and ears for the rest of my life. I want to inspire the youth to pursue their dreams and hopefully motivate some adults who have given up on something they’ve always wanted to do. I aspire to inspire.

Whats next for you?

With the August 2012 release of my album, A Beautiful Mess, I am promoting that of course. I plan to launch a fall/winter tour, being an artist is similar to being a politician running for office, you’ve got to stay on the campaign trail, so I’ve got to get out here, kiss babies and help old people across the street lol…I’ve been polishing my acting chops as well, so you’ll be seeing me on the big screen and on the flat screen in your living room soon.

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