Win a $25 gift card from Atlanta’s Lotus Boutique #PassionateSpot

I admit I am not the biggest fashionista but I am working on it. I have been working with a stylist/image consultant for almost two years now and I am loving the transformation. So when I came across Kaye Anderson of the recently launched Lotus Boutique, I instantly took a liking to her. Why?

Kaye is a former school teacher who suddenly decided to follow her passion. Sounds just like me , huh? After planning the official launch of Lotus it finally happened. A year of working alongside her partner Pornseiri Vonkoew it was finally here.

About Louts

The Lotus flower is enchanting to those who behold its beauty because its roots grow through the muddy waters to allow the flower to sit right above the muck, pure and clean.   In some spiritual worlds, the Lotus flower represents purity of the body and mind as if floating above the muddy waters of attachment and desire, while growing from the mud unstained.  Its unfolding pedals symbolize the expansion of one’s soul.
Lotus Boutique’s motto: Inner Faith, Outer Beauty means one must inspire to have faith within them to continue striving through difficulties, and to show their best part to the outside world, no matter how bad the circumstances may be.  What better way to show the world who you are than through your own personal style. The world is your audience and you are the fashion show!
Lotus Boutique offers a wide variety of eclectic and ultra-chic clothing and accessories for the masses, at affordable boutique prices, so you can stand alone amongst the crowd. Join the experience!

Pornseiri a gradaute of AIU and Kaye have known each other since 2003. “My style is electric  and Pornseiri is more punk rock. Our differences balance our styles we want to highlight.” Says Kaye. She continues to tell us that Lotus clothes cater to all styles and they are looking to expand their sizes to accommodate fuller women. “Pornseiri and I don’t have a team that we can lean or any investors. This was our dream, our baby, our vision.”

I had the chance to attend the launch event check out the pics below:

Enter to win a $25 Lotus Boutique gift card by performing the following;

  1. Subscribe to this blog
  2. Follow Lotus Boutique on twitter @lotus_atl
  3. Email Name, mailing address, and describe your style

Best of luck in the meantime check out Lotus’s style


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