They knew my books #TeamDelphine

Five long years….can I say it again? Five long years and here I still stand pursing my dreams. Some would say I did pursue them, that they have been fulfilled. But I guess I am the one who is never satisfied. Having started my own publishing company at 21 after first starting my very first company at 20 I am now going into my 27th year of living with having very little regrets.

This past weekend I was one of the many companies presenting and exposing their brands. My brand has and will always be Delphine Publications; named after my late mother Delphine Jamison. I have hosted many events, attended many book signings, and all over the past five years I have gained one fan at a time. One reader per book. One supporter per event. And on this weekend it showed just how hard I have been working.

I stand on my feet and I yell from the pits of my tummy, “Book Signing”. Till this day I travel and promote myself as if my very first book came out yesterday. One by one I would woo the buyers who came by. Solidify my sell and autography a copy for their safe keeping. But soon enough I was approached time and time again by readers who have read one or several of my titles already. On occasion I had to ask, “Are you sure you are talking about me?” I was just sure they had to have me confused with someone else, besides I still feel like I have many mountains to climb to reach the millions I am aiming for.

It’s hard sometimes to swallow that I do have a fan base. But this past weekend in Atlanta I had to accept the fact that it is just that; I have supporters and fans of my books. I could not stop blushing at the readers who were talking to me about my characters as if they were real people. I wanted to squeeze them tight and scream thank you for even reading one of my books. But the amount of people who were already exposed to me was overwhelming.

Sure the numbers show when I look at my monthly book sales count. I sell thousands upon thousands of books on my own. But to see their faces, to see the faces of those who call themselves fans was so humbling. I can’t wait to do this again!

Gee I think I like being an author!




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