The midnight testing of my HIV status

Tick tock tick tock…my heart was sounding like a ticking clock. Just round and around my thought process went. I was voluntarily taking a HIV test. Ok so I have taken several before. But this test always plays mind games. There’s always ads ran on TV and magazines of HIV awareness and the slogan asking you to profess your status. But as you look at them you watch it, think on it for that moment, and once the commercial passes you’re on to the next subject.

Ummmm it’s sometimes easy not to think about the potentially bad things that can happen to you when you’re sexually active. Even with protecting yourself you may tend to have that “what if” moment. I confidently took the test knowing I was safe. “I’m cool” I told myself. But geesh this test can play mind games. I am a black woman. Who dates black men. And the statistics of newly reported infected cases are aimed at my demographic. My ratio is high and that alone is scary.

See you can protect yourself. However we are not with our mates 24/7? It’s deep to have to trust someone with your body and to trust them with your life. But knowing your status can help slow and someday stop the spread of HIV and AIDS.

Knowing is better. Knowing is power. Knowing is only the beginning. After taking my test I waited for the rapid results, and only being tested a few months before this, I again waited for the answer of “negative”. Whew I got that out of the way.

Support the cause. Support yourself. Support our race. Go get tested. I surely did!

I’m pictured here holding my negative

results in my hand. Happy to get

happy news as you can see. 🙂



  1. Reblogged this on Bag Lady Boutique.

  2. “Knowing is better. Knowing is power.” You are absolutely right. Good for you for taking care of yourself and spreading awareness. Love this post. xo

  3. zahrajasmyn says:

    Thank you for sharing, we often times forget the importance of testing because of the break throughs with treatment. Thank you for the reminder

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