The Facebook Mack

Are you a Facebook Mack? Do you aspire to find a love connection via the Facebook time line? Or do you perform inbox messages to random people referencing their profile pictures, or complimenting them in hopes of a reply? Do you often times go down their page and click like on every comment they have ever posted? If you do some of these things you are classified as a Facebook Mack.

Let me tell you what thou should not do:


Do not add a person on to strictly begin a love connection.

Do not disguise yourself with an out dated picture where you may actually look attractive. Current pics only.

Do not start a sentence with, “hey beautiful” and they do not know you.

Do not go through that persons every profile picture and leave a comment. You are now a stalker.

Do not Expose improper pictures of yourself on Facebook.

Do not ask for a phone number via an inbox message.

Do not say those magic words to get you blocked, “Can we get to know each other better?”.

Encouragement and Suggestions:



Attend a local speed dating event

Openly admit you are looking for a love connection before you generate any awkward messages

Don’t try other ways to contact that person once they block you

Go to church and get on the alter and pray to God for your mate

After all of these tips and points are highlighted the first step is admitting you are a “Facebook Mack” and thus begin to make a change.

Does anyone have any input on Facebook Mack’s? Let’s try to help the souls in need of a love connection.



  1. This is so funny. I laughed so hard. Too bad those tired Mack Daddies on MySpace don’t follow your advice. I got so many requests from guys all striking those “prison poses.” I never had so many requests for dates in my life!! Needless to say I ignored all of them and eventually got rid of that account. Tagged is another “Booty Call” site. A few of my girlfriends got on it and I followed along. Alakamzam! Proposals from hoodrats and red necks! Oh God will it ever end! That’s another site I got away from right quick and in a hurry! Facebook is not as bad. The worst was attempted connections from African guys. I blocked them. Some of them make believe they are pastors or ministers. The only thing they’re interesting in ministering is sex!

    I have committed one of your FB crimes; my photo is eleven years old. The photo you see is my college graduation picture. I looked a lot better in my 40s. I’m 50+ now. However at this point in my life I’m not looking for a mate and have no interest in how do you young people call it, “hooking up.” I’m past that stage but I did get many chuckles from this post!!

  2. Wow, people really do this???!!!!

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