Changing a tire can change a life

I am such a girly girl and I have never changed a tire. And at 26 years old I have only changed the fluids on my own car once, thanks to my hefty support system that is always taking care of my car for me. But on the early mornings of September 8, 2012 I thought the time had finally come that I would have to change that tire.

After my girls and had had a blast dancing we took off from the parking lot only to hear a rumble and a thumb. A nail had pierce my right passenger side tire and we were going down down down. Ugh that was not the way to end my night. We pulled over and all piled out unloading the back of my car to find the spare.

I knew the basics find the donut spare thingy, get the monkey wrench (yep I knew what it was called), and then get the jack. We struggled with finding the spare when along came a Good Samaritan. His name was Thomas. We called him Mr. Thomas. He came over and swore he was harmless and reported he had worked on cars for many years. I looked at my girls they looked at me and we all agreed to let Mr. Thomas come on over and help. Shoot I did not want to get my hands dirty anyway.

“Where’s the spare?” Mr. Thomas asked.

“I dunno but this button here has a picture of a tire on it but we don’t see the tire.” I replied.

He nodded and then said, “Oh it’s under the car we have to unscrew this.” In a matter of minutes I watched Mr. Thomas unscrew the tire has it dropped from underneath my car. I was shocked to know that for years I had a tired under there.

Mr. Thomas guided us on where to place the jack and how to unscrew the thingy’s on the tire. LOL OK I don’t know what the thingy’s are called, but we soon learned a lot about Mr. Thomas. How he lost a son, had heart surgery, and was a college graduate from Penn State. So I wondered what was he doing out at 3am walking the streets with a black trash bag.

But I listened to him as he was telling us about him. I told Mr. Thomas our stories, and about my kids. He and I reflected on our southern roots and how we had to get a switch off the tree if we acted out. He was a good soul I could see. I didn’t have any cash on me but I had my book, He’s My Favorite Mistake, on me. I took a book out; signed it and placed it in his hands once he was done. He didn’t want anything either but when he saw that I had written a book he glowed.

His smile was spread wide as he said, “You wrote this? You signed it for me?” My eyes grew misty as I knew this was our departing gesture as I watched him flipped through the pages excitedly.

“Mr. Thomas you be careful now.” I said as he bent down grabbed his trash bag to go on his way.

“Thomas Nixon young lady. You can call me Thomas Nixon.”

I smiled nodded, gave him a big bear hug and said, “Thomas Nixon my next book in this series is dedicated to you. I thank you”

I didn’t learn how to change a tire on my own that night but I learned something more, never be too closed minded on allowing someone to help you. You just may never know what stories that have to tell.




  1. Love this Tamika and it’s so so true! Thanks for sharing

  2. Tory Butler says:

    awww your blog has brought tears to my eyes. I always say never judge a book by its cover. There are many people that we may meet in our life time that we will know little about and some will look at someone like Mr. Thomas as a nobody because he walks around with a bag. That was a great thing you did by given him a book. You are such a great person.

  3. Amenti The Writer says:

    lol.. We writers are some ”nosey” folks even if we want to be believe someone is just ”telling” us their story. lol.. all jokes aside this is beautiful I enjoyed reading this. 🙂 Hey were you disappear to Tamika? You haven’t been blogging much.

  4. I am going to do better and blog more lol

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