Lyrical Lounge: Just thinking….

Starring at my inner reflection,

that mysterious black circle of life between my legs,

Between my thighs.

Expanding. Contracting.

Breathing in and out; in and out.

Who lives between the gentle curves of my lips between my hips?

Who with the nearest touch can send me high?

Who hides but only my man’s eyes?

My man stares at my black circle of life; yet warm and moist.

Welcome my warrior feel free to rise and rise.

My man is my drug; my natural ecstasy.

Filling me up and satisfying each and every oooo and ahhh.

I move up and down; up and down and finally come to a stop.

My man…my warrior…hmmmmmmmm. Just thinking.




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    I LOVE IT!!!

  2. Nice!

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