Movie Review: “Sparkle is not a Remake”

So before going to see Sparkle I was adamant about doing so. I am not the one to go see remakes of movies I grew up on. Till this day I still sing those classics that Aretha created and envouge reinvented. So I wasn’t too thrilled about them remaking Sparkle. I never was to begin with. But in spite of all of that we have only had just about three black films this year so I had to go support.

Ten minutes into the movie I was leaned back in my seat, arms folded, and totally annoyed. Never mind the acting was just ok but the storyline was not the same. I want to ask the creators, why was this movie marketed as a remake. It’s a totally different storyline. Let me tell you how.

Coming up spoiler alerts:

In this movie they mention Sister’s real name, in the original I don’t recall her name being Tammy.

In the original there’s a fourth fat sister, in this one there wasn’t a fourth sister.

The mama seemed more evil than in the first movie. Plus she worked for white folks cooking and cleaning not in a department store. And she had a best friend played by Tamela Mann whos role was bigger than what it should have been.

Sparkle was 16 in the original and had sex with Stix who was over 20 on the rooftop of their projects. In the remake Sparkle was 19 and a virgin. I mean come on. SMH

The sisters lived in a big house with their mama. In the original they lived in a cramped brownstone that resembled the projects.

The girl group started off with Levy and Stix being in the group in the original. The remake had no such thing.

The character Levy was one of the biggest changes. Levy and Stix were cousins but I don’t remember this in the original. Plus Levy worked for a drug dealer named Satin. This wasn’t the case either. Levy nor Satin knew each other. Major fail in my book.

Satin Struggers was the biggest villain you could think of in a storyline like this. He was a drug lord, a woman beater, and didn’t respect anyone. In the remake they made Satin a comedian. Now come the hell on. How do you change the biggest role in the movie from a drug dealer to a comedian? The movie was over for me at this point. Mike Epps played Satin well but because I didn’t understand his role I was confused. In addition Satin didn’t have too much communication with anyone else in the original movie but Sister but in the remake he had plenty of scenes with the whole cast. His change in character was the beginning to the end.

The original Sparkle has drugs, teen sex, abuse, gangster scenes, sex scenes, and more. It’s a certified rated R film to me. But this remake was screaming PG 13.

Derek Luke who played Stix comes in immediately and falls for Sparkle, however there was no back story to why he even loved Sparkle. They met and were in love ten minutes into the movie.  So you sat there confused about when did they fall in love.

In the original Sister dies which made the whole movie heart wrenching but in the remake the Sister’s, yes all of them, were involved in killing Satin. I mean come on who wrote this script.

If you haven’t seen the original you will have better luck in liking the movie more than someone who saw the first one. The songs were washed up with a new modern sound and they weren’t performed as well as in the original. This entire script needed more polishing and more of a storyline on many of the characters.

The scene where Whitney is singing in the church looks like it’s just thrown in there. Her former voice was gone but she still had a beautiful sound.

I could go on and on about the disappointment but I want. It’s too much to tell. All in all I give it 3 out of 5 stars. I will not be seeing the remake again at all. I mean the newest version of Sparkle. Because without a doubt a classic was destroyed. It should have been called “Sister” not “Sparkle”.



  1. kwnatural says:

    Hey TN-

    I agree!

    I won’t watch the revised, revamped, reconfigured version again either.

    You forgot to mention the lip-singing!


  2. i agree totally..but if i’m not mistaken the fat girl in the oriignal was a good friend of the family that also song in the church choir…….i went expecting to be mesmerized and awestroke and moved as with the original…but was bamboozeled….this movie should’ve have been called something else…..other than using the original songs,the makers of the remake may have been sued for copywright infringements….this is how the got by using the original name….oh let me add this,Sparkle in the original was not the song writer….it was stix and sister,she wrote their very first song when they did the talent show and won……

  3. the fat girl in the movie was the cousin in the original not a sister. i believe it was the same in the remake.

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