The Lost Chapters of the Ultimate No-No coming to all E-readers

In light of the much anticipated fourth installment to the ultimate no-no comes something I have been working on. For those who fell in love with the characters Nitrah, Dahlia, Jazzaray, and Charmaine back in 2009 will get more than what they reckoned for.

Coming to an e-reader near you….comes “The Lost Chapters” the stories of these ladies before the scam. Before they were the ladies they are today I take you back into when they were so much younger. College kids on the brink of just now knowing what love was.

I bring in characters you’ve never known and I show you how these four ladies even met…with a dramatic twist that will having connecting all the dots. Setting you up for the next full length novel, Charmaine’s Story, coming in 2013 prepare to get a taste of what’s to come with this e-book.

Tell me what are you hoping to find out more about these characters?



  1. tramainegreen says:

    I’m ready!! I want to know how Charmaine became so trifling. I think the lost chapters is a real good idea.

  2. Reblogged this on Authoress Tramaine Green and commented:
    I am so ready for this!

  3. so awesome

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