This little game we play…

They say love is blind.

Shit I guess that’s why I didn’t see.

I was supposed to be able to know when I was being lied to.

Supposed to know when the man I loved was playing me.

Blind. Shit maybe I was deaf too.

Because the lies he told sound like the truth.

They spoke of everything I wanted to hear.

Baby I love, I’ll never hurt you, oh that’s just a friend.

True I played a part in this game.

This little game we play called catch the heartbreak.

It requires two players.

One calling the shots and the other following a long.

Imagine which player I was.

Blind and deaf. Shit this ain’t even the half of it.

With my mind belonging to him and my soul connected to his, I was destined to be blind.

Blind to a liar. A man who sworn I was his number one.

Maybe I was his number one, but not his only one.

Maybe I wasn’t worthy enough to be spoken the truth to my face.

Maybe, just maybe I was only worth the lies.

I think back and wonder. Wonder if it all was a lie.

Was I recruited to play this game? This game we call love or was I traded in for a new player.

This game.

You can’t play it blind and deaf.


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