I am Gabby Douglas too…

There were always a lot of us over Big Mama’s house. Out of all of my cousins I was the youngest one and when we were all over Big Mama’s house it was a lot us. At least ten of us at a time in a house that originally only had two bedrooms.Small huh? Big Mama’s house was one of the original one level homes made on Fletcher street in Fort Worth, Texas built in the 1940’s. All of my 12 aunts and uncles lived in that house at some point. It was our home. So when we were there we had to be creative with our meals. I mean, sometimes 15 folks had to eat and we had to create those meals that stretched and could hold us over such as;

Chilli and crackers

Beans and cornbread

Mayonnaise sandwiches

Baloney sandwiches

Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches

Hot dog on a bread

Grilled cheese sandwiches

Anything with bread really lol

Chicken with something on the side


Roman noodles


And most of all Kellogg cereal….

I laugh now at the mentioning of Kellogg cereal because suddenly that cereal has been thrown back into the limelight. Because of the talents of Gabby Douglas and becoming the breakout star of the 2012 Olympics the cereal I once loved so much is now on the top of the shelves. Back then there was a green rooster on the box. It was the most affordable cereal back in the day and with milk and the right amount of sugar you could have a toe curling meal.

I think I was about five when I started making my own bowls of Kellogg’s cereal. I had poured the flakes in the bowl, dash my sugar on top and poured my milk. I felt like I was a pro. But as soon as I took my first bite I realized that it taste funny. It wasn’t sweet.

“Mika you got to pour the milk in first then dash the sugar on top. Otherwise the sugar goes right to the bottom of the bowl.” My big sis had told me.

I made my bowls right after that. Sometimes eating 2-3 bowls a day. Those memories came back to me when I saw Gabby Douglas be handed a box from the Kellogg reps with her face on the box. A little black girl who ate that cereal almost every day now had a little black girl on the box. Now if that isn’t coming full circle in this world I don’t know what is.

I haven’t eaten Kellogg’s in years but I will be getting my box of cereal with Gabby’s face on it and look at it and say, “I am Gabby Douglas too!” Then I will hand my daughter, who is nine, a box and tell her the story of when I used to eat this cereal there wasn’t a girl on the box like us. See what you can do when dreams come true?

Go Gabby Go!


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