I need that “good” food

So I am a lover of good food. Deep down inside despite all of my weight loss I am a true foody. So when I had the opportunity to go to a four star restaurant during a political networking event I said, “Sure why not!”

But was I in for a rude awakening. Everything listed looked disgusting. The safest thing on the menu was salmon…so I went with that only to find out that it didn’t come with any sides. They gave me some bread that was blown up and looked horribly disgusting. Potlicker is what I want to call it. So after being horribly disappointed in eating a spread that was liver over some crackers I decided to give it a try. Tearing off a piece of the bread I covered it with butter to hide the disgust I would experience only to discover it was actually tasty. The bread was soft and practically melted in your mouth. So then I figured ok its shaping up to be something good here.

But that was the big bang. Other than eating my salmon on a big plate that had no other foods on it that was it. I had a side salad with ranch to help my craving appetite but this experience was not me.  Yes I love living in Atlanta but when it comes to certain events a southern plain Jane such as myself just doesn’t fit in.
I don’t care about eating dishes I can’t name. I don’t want to drink wine that can cost more than someone’s rent. And I could care even less for the service too. It could be great but put me in a mom and pop restaurant where I have to serve myself and tear open the condiments and I am good. Call me simple if you want but the most run down looking places have the best food.

I am still looking for a great bar b cue place too. And the prowl continues……..



  1. I’m with you. I love some good home cooking with enough left over for a doggie bag. Over the years I’ve had to modify my diet because of food allergies and high blood pressure but I know how to make a tasty meal that satisfies the taste buds. Of course every so often I get off my special diet to enjoy some good soul food. I just stay away from red meat & dairy, both disagree with me but I can get down with some collard greens! New York is a food paradise! There are as many cuisines as ethnic groups so if I could afford it I’d be eating at a different restaurant every evening but common sense and frugality prevail so I just hang out with friends every once and awhile. Happy trails on your gastronomic discoveries!!

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