Body Talk with Dr. Tosha Rodgers and Radio personality Ebony Steele

I had the pleasure of attending the kickoff event of Body Talk with Dr. Tosha at Bar One with a panel of professional and influential women. Apart of the panel were personal trainer Jenelle L Salazar, The V Bar Lady, Yvette of Rolling Out Magazine, and CaRen Ogle of

As told by leading publicist Christal Jordan of Enchanted PR; Is Your Body Talking to You? was created to help negate the feelings of embarrassment and shame women often face when discussing their bodies with their personal physician. Regular visits to your OB/GYN, understanding your body and what your body is saying will ensure you continue to be your best and most healthy YOU!

With well over fifty women in the audience the chat was on. With a diverse group of panelist who came from different professional back grounds, questions were asked from all directions. Take in some of the discussion questions below;

Why is there constant pain in my abdomen?

How can a successful business woman not intimidate a man with her success?

How can one satisfy her partner?

How can I lose weight in my waist line?

How often must I eat to maintain my weight?

What are the best feminine products to use on my private areas?

Some facts given were:

You can still bare children after having an abortion.

Did you know it only takes an inch in a half of a penis to climax?

Not many know that a pap smear is just a screening for the actual test that may be needed.

There is such thing as having relationship dependency.

And plus more…….

I must say I was honored to have been invited to this event. Not to mention I was excited that AW Media Group and Enchanted PR have plans to take this panel on the road and to various colleges. A forum like this is needed as it offers free advice at no cost and not to mention the environment was so comfortable and open you will have no problem revealing some of your most intimate issues. Follow the trend on Twitter at #BodyTalk and make sure you know your body!


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  1. I found that the body talk experience was knowledgeable. I found out personal information that I did not know. This Wasatch great teaching

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