Tamika reflects on attending the Premiere of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta

Love and Hip Hop started out in NYC a couple seasons ago on VH1. And now Mona Scott Young has expanded the popular brand into Atlanta. I myself have only been living in the city of Atlanta for a couple weeks now but was overly excited when I got the private invitation to attend the premiere of the first episode along with the cast of the show.

So the cast I knew beforehand were Mama D, Lil Scrappy’s mom, of course the rapper Lil Scrappy, producer Stevie J and the beautiful singer K Michelle.  There are a total of 12 cast members and judging by the uproar from the crowd I think the nation will like this blend of ratchetness that VH1 has put together.

The place was grown and sexy  and right in the heart of Buckhead at Frank Ski’s Restaurant & Lounge. It was standing room only as the press and even the camera crew made their way around the room. Security was pretty tight as well but not that tight. I managed to stand next to and speak to about six of the cast members. Heck I even had to accompany two of the ladies (Karlie & Joseline) to the bathroom.

Nuvo was the liquor sponsor and let’s just say we enjoyed several of those drinks on the house as well as the shrimp, sliders, and fish tacos that they kept passing around. I ate so much food for free my tummy started to bulge over. Major fail huh. I was wearing a fitted dress courtesy of Express, shoes bought at Bakers, accessories from Forever 21, hair and makeup was completed by Kellee Nixon of Eye KatchiN and Thalia of Thalia R. Hair Studios. So I was looking mighty fly. J

So back to the night….throughout the night the cast was interviewed by the producers and come to find out I was on set of a scene that was being shot for season 2. So that’s an exclusive yall; season 2 will be on the way. The storylines are even more juicy then the original series. You have your ride or die chick, the crazy mama, the street kid, the womanizer, the wannabe wife, the artist who jumps her producers bones, the level headed best friend, and the instigator. A mix of what you call juicy TV.

I had the pleasure of watching the first episode with the cast whom hadn’t even seen the show at all. Ummm after witnessing some scandalous mess on the screen I eyeballed the cast and many were mean mugging each other. This is definitely reality TV yall. These folks aren’t pretending. Many don’t care for each other.

It airs live on TV this Sunday and then we all can talk about how this is going to be a hot show.  I definitely enjoyed being in a room full of people who held many ranks and very proud of Mona Scott Young for branching out and creating an empire.

Until next time loves…..keep on feeding your souls with what you desire!



  1. Kimberly Knox says:

    interesting, I will definitely be tuned in!

  2. liking the show so far

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