2012 Black Pack Party in Harlem

Every industry has their standard party that everyone looks forward to…I for one always look forward to a couple events and one being the Black Pack Party. I love seeing my fellow writers, publishers, event coordinators, editors, bloggers, and all those in between come together just to hang out. No work, no interviews, no book signings, just food and drinks. Now that’s a party right? Having been one of the youngest in the crowd (I am all of 26) I fit right in. Ordering my meal, I took a few bites of chicken off of various peoples plates lol and also chimed in on many personal conversations lol. It was all in love though. Just chop that up to my over the top personality.


It was great being in the presence of Troy Johnson founder of AALBC and his partners Ron of Mosiac Books as well as Linda Duggins and Written Magazine. This was my third year coming to the Black Pack Party and let’s just say we were all smiles. Until next time….write on my literary souls!




  1. I think you got it right Tamika – no work, no book signings, just fun! We all work hard so it really is nice just to take the time to chill and connect. I also enjoy seeing such a wide variety of folks attend — industry icons, young guns, like yourself, and everyone in between. You can find a high resolution version of the group shot here: http://aalbc.it/bpp12-photos Peace, Troy

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