Thou shall not give mixed signals

From a confused girl: “I want him to act the way I want him to. But no listen this is real talk. I need him to give me the reactions that I crave for because I want him. Don’t ask me why, it’s simple why I do. I just want him. I feel a certain way about him when I see him. His smile makes me moist; his voice makes me shiver, and his touch well you know what happens after that. Fuck! I can’t help that I want him. You see I was good on just the fact that I didn’t want anything else from him. I was cool. That is until he did more! When you are just a fuck please don’t ask how my day was. When you are just a fuck please don’t kiss me on my forehead. When you are just a fuck please don’t call me to hold a conversation. When you are just a fuck please don’t wrap my body around yours and kiss me passionately. When you are just a fuck please don’t make an effort to get to know me. When you are just a fuck, you are just that. But the moment you started to do the things I said don’t do; I started to want you. My heart started to beat another rhythm and now it’s beating at a pace I can’t handle. So now I crave you. UGH! See you did this, not I. You chose to do those things to me, you’re the man. You lead right? But when I am not with you, when I do not see you, and when I do not feel you there is nothing. I don’t hear from you. Not so much as a text. Hmmmm why is that? Do you regret it? Was it a game? Or was it real? Do you want me too? I am going to say this once and not again, thou shalt not give mixed signals. If you so happen to do that to me again, I will have to confess to you the truth. I will have to tell you that I want you and not hide it because I can’t hold it much longer. As matters of fact so that I won’t crave you I want you to ignore me. Don’t answer my calls or texts. Go date another woman and forget about me because I know that if you do I won’t ever get hurt. Well that’s the plan to not get hurt anyway. But I want you and I don’t know if you want me….so maybe I am hurting!”

……… be continued!

Ladies can you relate to this as well?



  1. No. I guess because I was brought up in a different generation we were taught to think of ourselves as Ladies. Free Love was what the Hippies and Yippes did. I was raised in a very conservation household. You didn’t just give away your favors. That man — the One you shared your most precious self was either your fiance or husband. I consider and conduct myself as a Queen and am treated accordingly. Even though now I’m part of the AARP crowd he is going to have to put a ring on it before receiving any benefits. Commitment is Paramount. To paraphrase from an old song, “I’m gonna keep sitting on it. I’m Not Giving it Away!”

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