Journey to the Diamond Awards

The Diamond Awards is a fundraiser used to raise monies and awareness for kidney disease. Many people of color with kidney disease are not able to get a transplant for lack of matches and financial reasons. This award was a great cause that brought out many celebs and supporters. I was one of the supporters and presenters at the ceremony.

My day started off being taken to the Ritz –Carlton for hair and make-up where I met my stylist from the Hair I Go Salon. Taken my current hair style and running her fingers through it she went into a zone into creating a fresh look for me. I was excited and anxious. This process took about an hour and then I was later placed into my make-up artist Sedric’s chair for him to create his master piece. This too took another hour. I had never had to sit still for so long to get my make-up done; yes this was new for me.

I have had my stylist from my home of San Antonio perform on my hair and I have my stylist Samantha Elizabeth in Atlanta for when I’m in the city to perform on my hair, but these two stylist were assigned by the Diamond Awards. So they were new to me as I was to them, but the outcome was phenomenal. I was blown away. Stepping out of my comfort zone and placing on bold colors on my face, I had to own this new look and be confident even though I was half way unsure.

Upon finishing my hair and make-up I had to rush to get dressed. I was wearing a fitted black dress that was owned by the late Janet Morris Smith, the sister of my closet friend. Although Janet died of a heart attack my wearing her dress was like taking her with me and I wanted to pay tribute to her. The dress fit perfectly after just a few alterations and with my diamond jewelry and sliver shoes my outfit was put together.

It was after 4’oclock and I was told my car would come to pick me up at 4 and once my cell phone rang I had to rush down to the elevator calling one of my authors, Anna Black, and colleagues Grace Ann Long to hurry up as they were riding along.  I was walking on cloud nine as my car pulled up and the driver stepped out and announced my name. Having my door opened and being helped inside I sat back and enjoyed the ride to Moorehouse College where the ceremony was taking place.

Once there I was immediately place on the red carpet for pictures and interviews. I was then taken to the green room and was placed in full swing with the rest of the guest and presenters. I mix and mingled with movie producers, the cast of VH1’s “Single Ladies”, Jackee Harry, Mel Jackson, BET College Hill cast, Real Housewives of Atlanta Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas, Lisa Raye, Jamie Foster Brown Editor in Chief of Sister 2 Sister Magazine, and so many athletes, stylists, editors, actors, etc. I could go on and on.

I was able to present the award for Excellence in Sports to Ovie Mughelli. Then once we left we went to the evening dinner and party where we danced and ate our butt off. I’m a huge supporter of this cause and if you don’t believe the fun I had well just see the pics below. Man this was a night to remember.



  1. Tory Butler says:

    Great article. Sounds like you had a busy, yet interesting day. Thanks for being a supporter of this award. I also like how you step out of your comforter zone. Many of us can not do that. I look forward to you doing other positive things along the way. Have a great day!

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