Tamika see’s the President

Not often are you able to experience things that will have you acting like a school age kid again. And not often do you get to say that you want to see someone who you admire; in person. I often say these things and ironically I have been blessed enough to have met and seen some people that I admire myself. For instance, Terry McMillan was and is someone that I have admired since I was 12 years old and at the age of 22 I was able to meet her. Eric Jerome Dickey was a writer I fell in love with and not only did I get to meet him but we flew to NYC together, that was a “pinch me” moment.

Then there was meeting so many celebs and one of my celeb crushes Trey Songz who I dined with in Time Square. Most recently meeting and talking with Jamie Foster Brown Founder and Editor in Chief of Sister 2 Sister Magazine. I could go on and on about some people I have met but that doesn’t matter right now. What does matter is two names Tyler Perry and Barack Obama.

I was recently in Atlanta last week and exactly one week from the day of this post I was walking the halls of the Tyler Perry Studios.  After been given an exclusive invite to the studios to attend the Barack Obama gala…I took it and ran with it. Placing on my business attire and jamming a hand full of business cards in my clutch I went a running. In attendance with one of my authors, Anna Black, we set out to see what the night had in stored for us.

I met some interesting people too….hearing the likes of the Governor of Atlanta, the Obama Administration campaign manager, and then the singer CeeLo Green came out and performed. Ok I’m not gonna lie that was a good moment. The crowd danced and bounced their heads to the beats that the DJ’s were dishing as we were waiting for the President.  They then allowed us to see a rare documentary on Obama’s first four years in office. It gave me goose bumps.

I had to blink twice when first seeing Tyler Perry and yes ladies surprisingly Tyler Perry is very handsome in person. Go figure huh! But then the President walked out and all cameras were a go. Snapping shots and listening to his speech was not easy to do….but I did it. I listen to the President tried to overlook how handsome he was in take in his message.

I was proud to be a part of that night and then to contribute to his campaign. It is true Authors rock for Obama…..and I can’t wait to shake hands with the man. Just look for yourself on how much fun I had.




  1. You are so blessed to say you saw the president. What a treasure to pass down to your children.

  2. Divine moments, priceless, thanks for sharing.♥

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