Just Thinking…….a poem by Tamika Newhouse

Just Thinking…….a snippet by Tamika Newhouse

I can never say I never loved you,

Maybe I should; that way I wouldn’t have to cry.

If at some point it wasn’t real,

You wouldn’t tell me that now would you?

I close my eyes sometimes and you seem to be always there,

I can’t lie that I miss that.

But that’s the past right?

All that was said and done never happened.

All that was promised and sealed with a kiss was just a dream

I aint gonna have a pitty party over you.

Over you? No not I.

I will never allow myself to feel.

Damn but I am feeling it right now.

I try to toughing up and act as if it was just a fuck

Just a fuck does that even exist?

Can a girl just lay it down and walk away without so much as a thought?

I thought I did.

I thought I did that with you.

Thought I could hide behind the fake smiles and the fake declarations of “I don’t care”

But that shit was fake.


Damn was I fake?

Was I pretending?

I hope I wasn’t because I swore up and down that you wouldn’t be anything.

You weren’t anything.

Yeah that’s what I’ll say, you were’t nothing but just something to do.

Yeah I like that; I’m going to stick to that.

Something to do!

That’s what you were.

So I didn’t love you? Right?

Well answer me…….



  1. I really like this! I can relate to it a lot.

  2. I really truly enjoyed this poem, it was an amazing read for me and I truly appreciated being able to share it with you through your writings..I wish to read many more of your writings …keep up the good work you inspire me to write.

  3. Awesome poet.

  4. Never say; Never awesome piece!

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