Tamika Newhouse was a HOT ass mess!

Image is everything. I had to learn that the hard way after seeing some older pics of myself. Talk about that was not hot, that was a hot ass mess! But hey we live and we learn right?

Let me take you back a little. If you are reading this blog you know who I am, if not my name is Tamika, I am a writer. I didn’t choose to write, writing chose me and I took it and ran with it. Going into my fifth year of being a published writer I had to take a step back and review my overall image.

In other words I was looking a hot as mess. Let’s review some of the images below;


Number one: My attire did not compliment my full figure

Number two: My face was plain and lacked any make up

Number three: I either had a greasy face and the oil built up was working in overdrive

Number four: My attire lacked any thought. I did not coordinate what I wanted to wear or plan out my outfits for appearances.

Number five: Many times my shoes didn’t even match my outfit. Hint to the ladies black does not go with everything.

Number six: Sometimes I went without a manicure. STOP! Major fail there; because sometimes I didn’t even get the toes done.

All in all I was disinterested in shopping, I didn’t care about dressing up, and to top that off I had no desire to dress up. Now don’t get me wrong;  a sista wanted to look fly but I just didn’t know how. So I tried to go at it alone. Now remind you I had to attend speaking engagements and book signings and sometimes I would show up in jeans and a t-shirt. #MajorFail I did not know I had to dress the part to be the part. Who was going to take me serious looking like that?

 Changing up what I messed up:

Somewhere down the line I got tired of my pictures being mediocre. And I was tired of seeing folks post pictures of me with them up and my reaction being, “no no no.” Seeing myself look a hot mess is motivation enough for me to change up the way I was looking. Now like Wendy says, “she’s a true wiggy.” Well so was I. But one day I took the wigs off and tossed them up in my closet. Next came the weight, read up in my blog to see how I battled that, but finally losing 70 lbs it was time to tackle my attire.

Now I knew nothing about fashion and as I stated I hated shopping. It was boring, but now I realize I hated shopping because I didn’t like how the clothes fit on me. Takes a confident person to admit that out loud, but hey it’s the truth.

Now I didn’t know the first thing about dressing up or putting on makeup and that’s where I found myself an image consultant. An image consultant takes you and creates a unique profile to establish a better you from health, beauty, fashion, the way you speak, think, and walk. I did a total change. Taking my new found desire to change the way I looked I knew I had to change the way I act as well. I forced myself to become more personable, to seek out new contacts and mingle at social events and so forth. In other words I became a new me.

My consultant lastly became my stylist, styling me for red carpet events, book/media tours, appearances, and book signings. She would place my attire together and teach me the ropes on how to do it myself. Not only that she taught me how to place on makeup and I promise you ladies it is a science to it, it’s not like just putting on paint.

Did I forget to mention I cut my hair? Wearing my hair natural and short has also changed my personality; let’s just say I am very confident. And all of these changes didn’t happen overnight, it took months and a year in all for my weight loss.

Now was it worth it? Well you look at the pictures below and tell me? And no I am not a hot ass mess anymore, wink! 😉

Find my stylist on Twitter @itsgood2bdia and tell her I sent you




  1. Imani Wisdom says:

    As a person who lost her own mental and physical weight, I commend you. Shedding the weight is no easy task. It takes mental toughness and commitment to stick with it. And you Miss Lady, you most definitely have. Kudos!

  2. Kudos Tamika! There is a saying, “when you are a public figure, your figure is public.” It doesn’t mean you have to be a size zero, but it does mean that you need to take notice of things that are not complimentary. You want people to take notice of you…but for the right reasons.

  3. Lesley Hal says:

    Tamika you look amazing! I’m still struggling with weight and I feel that’s my only area of concern because I’m Miss Diva whenever I step out of the door. I find myself in the same predicament you did with hating pictures posted of myself with others. The day I’m able to post the new me will be an awesome one indeed. You are my motivation! Congratulations!

  4. When I saw your picture at the back of your book then I saw you on person,I was like wow! Is she the same person? How did she lose all that weight? These were questions I wanted to ask. After you discussed your life and your book I have to commend you on all your accomplishmemts.I totally understand about the image thing. I love to shop but I was a tomboy growing up so it took me a while to learn to dress like a woman. I also believe that as you allow yourself to mature some things fall away naturally and some things you have to throw away. You had a goal and realized that changing your image was necessary to get you to where you want to go and you took the necessary steps. Keep up the good work Tamika,you are helping more people than you know.

  5. reallyrashida says:

    Congrats on all of the changes that you have made, Tamika! I am going through this exact transformation myself. Thanks for sharing because it helped me a lot.

  6. Author/ Fashionstylist, Sherrie D. Storey says:

    And, …..now you just look HOT!!! Congratulations!

  7. I think you overstated the term a little. I’ve seen a “hot ass mess” up close and you don’t qualify. However, the inner transformation is what’s most important and you seem to be making that by leaps and bounds.Keep pushing…

  8. All I can say is… YOU GO, GIRL!! When I grow up, I wanna be JUST LIKE YOU…. 🙂

  9. Good lord lady, you look fab! To change mentally, physically and emotionally within a year and do so with confidence (as some people lose weight but still carry the old mentality –if they had insecurity) is not always easy to do, but you hooked up. Congrats on everything & continued blessings!
    @kankan929 twitter

  10. This story as such your other one on how you came to loose the weight is an inspiration. I too am going through the transformation, knowing what I need to do but not being motivated to do it and looking for motivation from others to get me going in the right direction. I need to pull out those pictures of myself as my own motivation to get in the gym and (Nike) Just Do It!!

  11. Tamika, what a wonderful awe inspiring, candid, and very courageous article! I can certainly relate.

    Best, V.

  12. Luv ur blog you are so honest, incredible. I think I follow you on Twitter also. Go Girl.

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