This faith walk here…

Whewwwwww its 2012. I cannot believe I am walking into my fifth year of doing this thing. This thing I call a faith walk. Meaning I closed my eyes and believed in what I was doing and just did it. I could go on and on and name out my accomplishments so far in 2011 or since I became a published writer in 2008 but I don’t need to do that. I can simply state God has blessed me.

Walking into 2012 I was so focused and even made personal changes in my own life. Made connections with so many important individuals and have started my transition on relocating outside of Texas. Now that’s a first because I am a cowgirl at heart. I don’t think so many are receptive to my “Howdy’s” but hey it’s me.

I am already currently writing on three novels as we speak and my schedule is getting tight with a possible five book releases in 2012, a video shoot schedule in Vegas for my new company Obsessive Soul Media and a media tour in the process of that.

Whew this faith walk is serious. I am going to take a moment and just smile, smile in all its glory and all of what God has given me because after all he didn’t have to give this to me. He could have said Mika you don’t deserve this, or Mika you ain’t ready. And I may not be ready for something’s which is why I am still not satisfied with my current success.

But hey if I continue to walk with my eyes close and just listen perhaps in 2012 I will get the many blessings I wasn’t ready for but now can take and blossom with them. Shoot who knows even the sky isn’t the limit in my world.




  1. You are such an inspiration. Thank you so much for sharing your journey. Its time I take heed of the advice you’ve shared and just close my eyes and believe that the gifts GOD as given me is exactly what I’m suppose to do and just do it! Thank you again and many blessings to you in the new year!!

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