To the Author’s who don’t know no better

I had an author who emailed me weeks ago asking for help on self publishing. They wanted to know the ins and outs, who to use, how to market, how to get their books in the stores, and yada yada.  I stated sure I can help with the whole process. When they discovered I charge for my time and to consult I didn’t hear from them. Now I sat there wondering if they really thought that after four years of research and trial and error that I would sit on the phone for hours at a time and tell them everything they needed to do. Isn’t that called consulting? And now this same writer is emailing me back crying about their situation because they don’t know what to do or how to do it.

They tried to self publish without the proper research, resources, and point blank without the knowledge of publishing a book.  But I didn’t understand why they did not choose to complete the process with me or any other professional and allow someone to help them. Are you saying that you feel like you shouldn’t have to pay for consulting, and that someone should give you all the answers to your questions? If that is so why? Ask yourself that question. I need people to understand that life isn’t free and many of the most successful authors have worked hard to get to where they are. Ask yourself, what makes you special for a successful author to sit down and use their spare time to mold your dream.

This also plays into the fact that self published authors books are badly edited because they don’t want to spend the money, or the covers are free stock photos or poorly designed because they are trying to cut cost. And I am thinking to myself at what point is it ok to cut corners and put out half-ass projects to save money. But I thought this was an investment you were doing to become successful, and trust me this business is all an investment.

Let me say this authors, I work hard at what I do. I still research every day so to ask for me to hand over all my resources is just stupid thinking. No professional will sit on the phone for hours giving you everything they’ve worked for with no compensation. Especially if they have a business of their own to do. Don’t you think that’s tad bit selfish? Think about it! Try using a lost soul to help give you all your unanswered inquiries, but I for one work hard for what I do and plan to be respected when it comes to teaching others the craft of this business. Perhaps you should start to respect your peers as well.



  1. PREACH WOMAN!!! I so agree with this. I’m a newbie and I get in boxed everyday, throughout the day. I’m still learning. I’m still googling. I’m still attending seminars, reading books. I do whatever it is that I have to do to master the beast known as the literary world. I don’t mind sharing some things and answering a question here or there – but gheez. I can’t do your homework when I’m still doing my own. I didn’t buy the last self publishing book or marketing book. There are tons of them.

  2. I feel you Tamika. I enjoy helping new authors and answering questions but there is a difference between spending a few minutes on the phone or shooting off a quick email and becoming their free book consultant. I try to keep in mind though that many new authors aren’t aware that this is a paid service and educate them on the fact that I offer book consulting if I find myself spending too much valuable time answering a “quick question.” basically my rule is I have no problem helping you but if it begins to take time away from my paid clients we need to discuss my services and fees.

  3. You are correct. They want “Free” and shows in their work ethics too. When you charge a “fee,” they cry to their peers that no one wants to give me advice although we’ve done the research, homework, studied the markets and craft, and willing to pay professionals or freelancers on editing, book covers, etc. This is a product on the line, or commodity, and you want to charge a fee for your readers to read your work right, so why don’t you pay for the advice/consulting, editing, and book covers.

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