The Ultimate NO NO Goes into Mass Market Summer 2011

The Ultimate NO NO Goes into Mass Market Summer 2011


Many of you know that when I wrote The Ultimate NO NO, I was 19 and had written it just for an escape goat. In one of the lowest moments of my life after losing my mother I went on to free hand write The Ultimate NO NO in a college rule journal in 3 ½ weeks.

Fast forward two years later I would then pursue my dream of becoming a published author. By making my own dreams come true; I self published The Ultimate NO NO and quickly followed up with its sequel.

Becoming my most successful novel thus far I went on to sale thousands going and now im into my fourth printing and tapping into a 5,000 print run for 2011, The Ultimate NO NO has won many accolades including Self Published Author of the Year at the African American literary Awards and just recently a major book deal.

In my first time publicly speaking about it, The Ultimate NO NO was picked up by Kensington Publishing to go into a mass market edition with now giving me the opportunity for thousands upon thousands read this novel is a surreal moment for me. This exposes me to so many elements I may have not touched or it may have taken me a lot longer to fulfill.

I ask myself how I am supposed to react to such an honor of a company this big and very much respected taking a chance in me. Am I supposed to speak about it openly? What would my peers and fans say? Will I once again be judged?

After asking myself all those non sense questions I sat back and realized that with every mission I take, with every prayer that I speak, with every tear that I cry, with every desire that I crave is when moments like these matter. Situations like this are why we do what we do to succeed in life.

At the young age of 12 I dreamed of being a published author. I can remember holding a mass market edition of an Eric Jerome Dickey book and saying “man it would be cool if this was my publisher”. Not many people can actually say that this came true for them.

I honestly to God, thank him for sparing my life. For keeping me when I still did wrong, for watching over me when I was making my mistakes, for holding me when I felt like giving up. Moments like these lead me to believe that everything I do such as the many hours I spend on the computer, the lack of sleep I get the night before, the money I spend to travel, all of this makes moments like these worth it.

This is defiantly only my beginning and for those who wish for me to slow down so you can catch up or wish for me to fail I have one thing to say, don’t hold your breath.



  1. Congrats. You deserve it. And for those who don’t know, mass market are those little books. In Tamika’s case; it’s a little book that God is going to do supernatural BIG things with. Congrats again, Tamika.

  2. Michelle Johnson-Lane says:

    As an unpublished author, I have been truly inspired with reading about you along with your book excerpts, Ms. Tamika Newhouse. It gladdens my heart to read your testimony given at such a young and impressionable age. I must say, “I am blown away!”

    I have just completed writing my first book and God’s lead it on my heart to line up 12 more. I know my work is cutout for me especially since I am not as young as you.

    It’s stories like these that gives me the courage to know I can do it too. I pray your continued success and wish you all the best with your writing endeavors.

  3. Congratulations!!!!!!!!! Read Proverbs 18:16. After much work, and dedication, your gift is simply making room for you. And who better than you? Since i first listened to your show and joined AAMBC a few years ago, you have been doing great things with the bookclub, with your own books, as well as for other authors on your imprint. That is commendable and is a testament to the kind of person you are. Dont even worry bout them haters! Enjoy God’s blessings in your life and i wish you much more success!

  4. Congrats to you Tamika on all your success! I am watching you soar!

  5. Thank you Rose I appreciate all the support you can offer me

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