Me and my CEO Chair: Courtesy of From a Writers POV Magazine

Me and my CEO Chair

At the age of twenty one I would have never guessed that I would be labeled as a force to be reckoned with. I still ask myself, “am I what they say I am?” My name is Tamika Newhouse and I am a CEO of two companies. Interesting as it may sound I started off just as an onlooker, a goal seeker, and a dreamer. I never would have guessed that I would be in this position today. Or maybe I did.

My morning ritual starts at 6:30 in the morning when I wake up my son and daughter and get them off to school. By 8 am I am back in the house and my computer is powered on. I have some food cooking or already consumed at this point as I look at my daily to do list and get to work. Possible assignments I have daily are check my emails, confirm events and media coverage for a few clients, make some phone calls to local distributors and stores, planning and detailing my travel schedule, and conferencing with my authors and clients. In the mix of this I am folding laundry, cooking tonight’s meal, hosting my online radio show, and or cleaning different rooms throughout my house. Multi-tasking is an understatement in my book because I do it all.

AAMBC, an online media group, promotes and caters to African American writers. I have learned to perfect my craft of marketing, networking, and promoting through this forum. I created this company for the sole purpose of wanting to talk about good books by black writers. In turn it turned into a leading source of literature for readers and authors in the black arts community. Now did I plan to do this? I think sometimes when you least expect things fate and blessings fall into place. In this case this happened to me. Before I was this CEO I was just a woman. Just a mother. Just a wife. But with my new found freedom and identity I am a woman on a success mission and it doesn’t come easy.

Fast forward a few years and I would soon hold the seat of CEO and Publisher of an independent publishing label by the name of Delphine Publications. Named after my late mother Delphine Jamison I set out on a mission to self promotes and publish my own books reflecting who she was. Dedicating my vision of publishing all sorts of genres I soon signed authors such as Jhamika, Anna Black, and Felisha Bradhsaw. However with every leading role comes the stress and overwhelming tasks.

After the success and the accolades and the continued work to become number one comes the down size to success. In today’s society we call them “the haters”, the not so well wishers and the ones who would love to see you fail. I personally do not cater to this part of success but I do know it exist. I have been talked about on many occasions and my name has circulated in many gossips. But as a leader I understand that this is a part of the industry. With success come trials and tribulations. I can only assume that it will seize to exist one day but then I like to think realistic. In order for me to not break down emotionally I work harder and keep my mind focused on the true task, and that is succeeding in life.

I fit comfortably in my CEO chair. I think it was only made for someone like me. I am obsessed, a goal seeker, and I refuse to give up. Not everyone is build to be a CEO, not everyone can carry the burden of what it takes to be a leader. But this I do know that when this life is over and it’s time for me to call it quits I will have no regrets because I know that in the end I did Tamika. I did what I was made to do and that’s to be a CEO.



  1. This was beautiful Tamika. It actually made me cry because it is truly a blessing to accomplish what you have. I pray that I am even just a tad bit as blessed as you have been when my novels is released. There is room for us all, and no need to hate. I find it hard to understand why people do that. I guess it shows you that you made it!

    I appreciate what you do and am grateful that you are the type of woman to share what she have learned. You are a smart woman who’s turned what she has learned into a business. I’m watching you! 🙂

  2. LOL shakara watch on…muah!

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