Unedited Excerpt: Will Love Ever Know Me

After finding her husband in a compromising position with her best friend’s sister, Charmaine Wright is forced to move on. To her friends, she is known as very levelheaded, but that all changes when, one by one, Dahlia, Jazzaray, and Nitrah discover that their friend they cared about the most turns out to be their worst enemy.

Dahlia Jones once had a hate for her ex, Troy Washington, who she planned to seek revenge on by having Nitrah Hill date him and break his heart. Two years later, Nitrah and Troy are now a couple with a child and Dahlia feels betrayed. But when Troy breaks things off with Nitrah, old feelings resurface, creating a fresh web of sex, lies, and betrayal.

Jazzaray is recommitted to Maxwell after divorcing but finds herself back in a cycle of lies when he, too, makes the ultimate mistake. With her heart on her sleeve, she fights the decision of “should I stay or go?”

In the final chapters, Jazzaray, Dahlia, Charmaine, and Nitrah discover the ultimate question they struggle with every day: Will Love Ever Know Me?


I rolled over on my side of the bed; and reached for the sudden annoyance that was ruining my sleep. It wasn’t normally on anyhow but for some reason he turned it on. Probably to annoy the hell out of me. After hitting the alarm clock until it fell silent I rolled back over to my side of the bed. Not missing the fact that his side was cold and obviously hadn’t been slept on.  I grunted slightly to let the tightness in my throat to loosen. A night full of tears could do that to you I guess. I rose up and notice my white pillow sheet was now this off white and you could see the stains from the tears I cried last night. I moaned and stretched over to his side where the pillow was clean.

            I started to rethink all the shit I screamed in the phone to the man I loved. Wondering how could he stoop so slow and slip up like he did. As if some one was in the room asking me questions I started to mumble, “no no no.” Shaking my head in unison I was hoping that everything that happened was a bad dream. Did my best friend really betray me? I had to get up and get my mind off of the new drama I found myself in. I wasn’t new to this type of thing. From a long-term relationship with my high school sweet heart Denim to the one I can’t get out of my system Troy. I seemed to have a bad reputation with men and this repetitive shit I couldn’t stand. Break up to make up. Fuck with them to just fuck with another. I was tired of the routine.

            Placing my feet on the deep wool carpet I rolled my toes in the cushion hoping that it would keep my wobbling balance. My head was ringing and I stumbled into the bathroom and swung open my medicine cabinet throwing empty bottles I longer needed out of the way until I found what I needed. I pooped it opened and dropped two pills in my mouth. “This will take away the headache.” I reached over to my stand in shower and turn the water on till the steam of it was scorching hot. I dropped my gown and stepped into the hot suds to rinse away the funk and the pain.

            “Where did it all go wrong?” I had everything going my way just a year ago. I had opened my own lounge, Troy and I had got back together, and I had finally told him that we had a child together. It started almost three years ago when my best friend Dahlia wanted to get revenge on her ex from college, which was Troy. One of the flyest guy’s I had ever seen. But the fact that Dahlia wanted me to date him, make him fall in love with me and then dump him was a far-fetched dream. I actually thought I could handle a task like that. But I guess all dogs have a sweet side and a girl like me can fall hard for the sweet side and I did just that. I would have a love affair with Troy that would go on and stretch out two years and would be one of the hardest rides of my life.

            I thought all the secrets were finally out once I told Troy we had a child together. When my daughter, Nina had finally met Troy she was almost one. We became the instant family. I think she kind of believed Denim was her dad since he was there from the beginning, but she quickly adapted to Troy. I always believed that Troy had forgiven me for keeping him away from his child for a year.  I was worried about my image more then anything else.

            I turned the shower off and grabbed a towel out of the linen closet. I sprang to my bedroom as I heard the phone ring. I wanted to get it before it reached the answering machine. “Hello” I said, out of breath.

            “Oh so you up Ms. Thang?” Jazzaray’s voice came through the receiver. I was hoping it was Troy but I was glad that it was my best friend who decided to check in on me.

            “Oh hey Jazz, I just got out of the shower. Was about to go into the Lyrical Lounge early today. Are you at the store already?” Jazzaray owned a bookstore adjacent to my lounge called Jazzy Reads

            “No I have one of my employees there. I needed to check on you. Max is going to be busy all weekend and why don’t you let one of your manager’s run the place and take a break. I know ever since the altercation went down you need to getaway.”

            “Just the opposite I need to work.”

            “Can you please stop being big headed? We all single gals here we could hit up Florida with your sis Raven. Even your sisters would be willing to get down right about now.”

            “Wait a minute my line is beeping.” I clicked over the line and before I had the chance to say hello a male’s voice said, “Nitrah is this Nitrah?”

            “Yes this is Nirtah and who is this?”

IN STORES FEB 14, 2010



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    Sounds good. Looks like I have chosen our BOM for Aug 2011.

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