“I Need To Go To Jail” by Paul Blakeford (poem)

I came across this poet and this poem he wrote a few years back and its so powerful I wanted to share with you. I hope it speaks to you and makes a good impact on your views on our society and the black arts industry.

“I Need To Go To Jail” by Paul Blakeford (poem)
Maybe I should to go to jail in order for my stuff to sell.
Rarely do I hear about the brothers who always live well.
Seems like our society only likes to worship brothers,
That are… thugs or slingin’ drugs or born to single crack-head mothers.
I don’t mean to disrespect the brothers who have done some time,
Plus the way the world is now, I could end up doing mine,
As mad as I know I’d be about being greater confined,
Being jailed would only make,
Book sales start to rise and climb.
I could tell folk I found Jesus after I been doing wrong.
When the truth is Jesus has been talking to me all along.
All the blame is mine for times that I was dumb and didn’t listen.
I can’t fault God for my flaws,
I put me in bad positions.
Maybe if I went to jail, it might help my stuff to sell.
Or I could work on my craft until my work is written well.
And I could get off my tail and hustle ’til my profits flow.
et I still will wonder if,
Jail would make my profits grow.


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