The 2010 East Coast Tour is COMPLETE!

The East Coast tour for 2010 is over. Ten days on the road and I am beat. I am proud to have hundreds of new readers now with being able to cover so much ground in those ten days. If you missed me you can catch me again in September but I wouldn’t wait that long to get the ultimate series. Over the course of the tour I started to write part 3, Will Love Ever Know Me? And now I am ankle deep into the beginning of what is going to be the most drama filled book in the series. I am currently going to be giving out snippets of the book as I write it on Twitter at and only those on twitter who follow me will see firsthand on what’s going down with the characters that started it all in The Ultimate NO NO. Also wondering what’s going on with Cookie, I am also writing that too. But with a new agenda and mission I am currently in rewrites so I will be giving out Twitter snippets of Cookie as well. Again thanks to those who came to see me in Philly, DC, Maryland, and even when I went to Harlem. I had so much fun on this tour and can’t wait for the 2011 East Coast Tour. You know I love to hear you all’s comments after you have read the The Ultimate NO NO and The Ultimate Moment No Regrets so hit me up. I am patiently waiting. Love, Tamika


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