Snippet of Cookie Coming July 2010

When I first sat down and decided to write the book Cookie it was a spare at the moment kind of thing. It wasn’t planned and I didn’t see me writing this book until the idea actually came to me. I don’t remember where I got the title from but I wanted the character to have a nickname that defines a teen age girl. Cookie was a well known nick name back in the day. Not so much anymore and I feel that with this story it will take people back in time.

This book is based on true events. The reason is because life is real. Nothing is written or scripted. You have no idea on what’s goanna happen. I wanted to create something that women young and old could read and say man I remember those days. So here is a briefing of Cookie: A Fort Worth Story

I remember those days when it was nothing but just us girls. Hanging, partying, thinking about life after high school. All those things a girl dreams about when she gets grown. That’s a time I couldn’t wait to come, was my adult hood. As everyone use to say I can do whatever I want to do when I get grown. Coming home when you wanted to, having sex without feeling guilty, having my own car, and my own apartment. What fools we were. I honestly loved living in the house in the middle of the circle on our street and where all the neighbors were white and knew us from diapers. I miss the time when boys use to come knocking on mama’s door asking for me or Lyric to come out and play. I laugh at the word play cause that’s what we did. Played nookie. Mama was a large woman. She was a Bible gripping, church going, single mother, with a tongue that could curse you out till next year, and a fist that could knock you into the next decade. No matter what I did, I made sure I got good grades, obeyed what she said and never spoke on what I really was doing. A single mother can only do so much and my mother did it all. She was the type to yell “Do it God” so loud you ear drums vibrated and your hair on the back of you neck stood up. She also was the one who punched you in the chest and lyrically whoop your ass when she caught a boy in your room. Lyric and I was her only children and like day and night me and Lyric didn’t mesh. She was the loud out going type with the big breast. I was the dark, slender, quiet, type with a dull life. Hell it wasn’t until Lyric let me go out with her when she used mama’s big white van, when I started to come out of my shell.

Come out of my shell. Ump! I laugh at that because coming out is just what I did. The boys started to bark at my hips when they started to resemble Nia Long’s and I answered. They also loved my dark skin that tended to glow in the dark. I wasn’t always so dark. A sistah was bright and then brown, and now just black as hell. Got it from mama. She stood at 5’11, 350 pounds, and longs locks. She wore a jerry curl for at least twenty five years now and it only looked good on her. It wasn’t the greasy curl everybody remembers. It looked more like hair a person would have if they were mixed with white and black. That kind folks called good hair. I wasn’t too bad off myself. My hair trailed all the way down my back to my bra strap. I never needed to wear extensions.

I was tall, slender, dark, pretty long black hair, and a mouth that could go off like a fire engine. I guess I should have introduced myself at the beginning of this tale, huh? My name is Latoya James but you can call me Cookie.

In Stores July 2010



  1. Damn, that sound’s so easy if you think about it.

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