Tribute to E. Lynn Harris

I want to say to the E Lynn Harris Family that I am so sadden by his sudden departure. But I know that nothing is done by a mistake and I am so happy to see a man return home to where we all wish to go. I only pray that his soul was as rest as he set his way home. I have a few dealings with a lost of a love one in 2002 I lost three close relatives in 6 months apart. One around my sister’s birthday, one around my birthday, and one when I had my daughter. That year was hell. Then two years later I lose my brother, and then two years later I lose my mother. At some point you start to look around and say okay lord who is next. But I try to not live life like that because I also know that one day I will die. Although we choose to not dwell on that because it is sad to us, we all know it is true. So when E Lynn passed, I felt my heart wrench. As well as when Michael Jackson died. But know this. God id good. Know that we should be jealous because they have mo more worries. We got to worry about eating, sleeping, working, and all this other mess. But they are at peace.


Let’s come together and say a prayer for E Lynn’s family and Michael Jackson’s family as well come together to reflect a awesome life.


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