Who’s loving who?

Imagine meeting someone who is everything you need, and imagine loving only him. But there is a stumbling block. What happens to this relationship when it seems that you are torn between two people who fulfill you in two different ways?


In my sequel The Ultimate Moment No Regrets, Nitrah returns and undoubtedly fell in love with two men. But can you blame her situation. One leaves and then one returns but at the end of the day they both came back at the same time. You can’t blame a woman for trying to move on when she felt it was best. But how can she turn off one love to cater to her first love?


Give me some advice that could help mold this thrilling sequel…………TUMNRmedium



  1. Deborah K says:

    Hmmmm???? Is Nitrah really IN LOVE with two? Is that possible? Has she really moved on? Who is fulfilling her body AND soul? Who is complimenting Nitrah? Is there any mind games between the relationships? Who is fulfilling her NEEDS and WANTS or is one fulfilling her NEEDS and the other her WANTS? Hmmmm? Just some thoughts or could it be experience talking.. (LOL)

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