The Ultimate NO NO is declared a Best Seller

I head to Dallas for a book signing at Jokaes African American Book Store and a book club sponsored event and the weekend would end differently. I was surprised with how many people came to see me and who actually had copies already and knew of me. I must say I have to get us to that.

I am excited that people have started to know me and that hard work is paying off. I was also interviewed by a local reporter and photographer during my book signing event which magically brought in a larger crowd curious to see who was being interviewed. Now I am saying WOW I can feel the love from the people. I would soon be told buy one of the Essence reporting book stores that I was a placed in the Dallas Morning Newspaper. I was humble thinking she must have placed a article about The Ultimate NO NO in the paper. To my surprise when I went to purchase my Sunday’s paper I was listed on the Best Sellers list and I peeked at #4. My first reaction was to take a double look, and then I asked my husband if what I was reading was right and in fact I was listed. I was so excited and yelled out what a blessing. Its so surreal hearing that title of Best Seller connected to my name. I am so anxious to what God has in stored. I wanted to take this brief time in thanking those who purchased a copy of The Ultimate NO NO and made it what it is today. If you haven’t gotten a copy you must go out and see what all the buzz is about and find out for your self what the ultimate no no really is. I am currently writing on the sequel and it will be out in September. Click the link to see my name on the best sellers list. LINK HERE

Spread the word and refer a friend to The Ultmate NO NO and just maybe you can learn what the ultimate no no is when it comes to love!!!



  1. Absolutely a wonderful read – the characters were people we all know and love. I’m not big on drama however the drama in The Ultimate No No was true to life drama not over the top work my nerve drama. The storyline could’ve clearly come from my life or yours and I cannot wait for the sequel (BTW I normally don’t read sequels but this one I will) Not because the story left me hungry, but because, Dahlia, Robert, Nitrah, Troy, and the rest of the crew became my friends and I miss them already.

    Readers’ Paradise

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