Can you fall out of love?

Can you fall out of love?



To say falling out of love is over rated is just file. I do believe one can fall out of love. There’s just sometimes when you been with someone for so long and the spark tends to fade away. How can one prevent that from happening? To look at their spouse and not get a spark, to kiss them and not get a sexual tingle, to have sex with them but not feel that rush of emotions. When does one relationship go bland? Is this why some people cheat?


Bring it back to my main question how can you prevent your self from falling out of love. Try to help someone out by posting your experiences, and hopefully encouraging others.



  1. Gabe Bowens says:

    Unfortunately, there really is no fool-proof way to prevent falling out of love. We live in a world now where new is in and old is out. Gone are the days when we marry our High School or College sweetheart, and stay with them for 40-60 years. It seems that we are too busy going in our own direction to even attempt keeping up with someone else. I say, we don’t fall out of love, we are just to busy to realize we still are in love.

  2. Hmmmm….Falling out of love? I think people fall out of love when their partner changes…also as people we evolve…life is forever changing…falling out of love no….falling into something else yes…
    for example….

    a new job…it may consume your time…working your way up the ladder…overtime. You patner may respect your drive so they fall back to let you get your work on but time passes and you fall deeper into work…less you and them time…less sex because you are tired, by the time you realize you have neglected your patner they have either become accustom to not sharing, loving and they supplement your abesnece with other things…friends, a hobby…them working more. Distance creeps into the relationship…if one notices it before the other the one who notices it tries to fix it and places blame and all hell breaks loose…u become irritable…the other figures they’ll punish you by becoming off limits…now u really have a problem…

    Example 2:

    Another change because you are evolving…personal growth…you want more…he or she isn’t capable of giving it….like romance…some of us may love hard but do not a romantic bone in our body…that person just lacks creativity…your patner never has been that one to send roses or plan out a day that wraps around the both of you spending quality time together…she is a on your back type chic or he is a missionary position guy…the sex has never been bad but it lacks adventure… again lacks creativity… it becomes routine and one or the other is fed up…the urge to have sex is little to none. THis can be sparked by a new friend…she or he has the ultimate sex life and you want what she or he has. We tend to compare love lives and our relationships but we fail to communicate with one another…we never want to believe we ae the problem it is always something the othe one is doing or shall I say not doing…

    Try not to move so fast when you meet that person you think is the one…get to know each other…DATE!!!! Make communication you number 1 priority…don’t settle for the he o she has potential. Make sue you have the same goals in place…similar values…when those goals and values change…talk about it…share it…find common ground and work with it…always make us time…whether it is taking a shower together…a quickie…giving the other a bath…just running some hot soap water with a glass of wine or drink of choice for your partner unexpectedly will keep the spak going…spice to the sex life…if she’s a on you back kind of girl…place a pillow unde her but… use some toys…variety…edibles…candles spark it up! If he is a missionary guy…throw it on him…whip them hips… clamp those legs aound his waist…talk dirty…buff up his ego…keep it sparked up…if he or she is shy…pep talk ’em…give them courage…ROAR!!!!! Don’t get wild and cazy if you know they can’t handle it…spoon feed the freak in you to them…

    Is this why some people cheat? Nah! People mainly cheat for the adrenaline rush…it’s like this:

    Cheating would never be fun if it was allowed…getting away with something gives u a rush. Cheating period..if it’s cheating on a test…you get a rush and u want to do it again..even if you think you can pass the test you tend to want more an even better grade. Cheating in a board game…cards….the point is to win without them knowing you have cheated…a rush!

    People tend to think it is because there is something lacking. You figure there must be something you aren’t doing….women believe it is because the girl is doing some freaky stuff they refuse to do…or vice versa….but in all actuality it may be the lather….it may just be something they tried to avoid but was persistant…this is not an excuse for the behavior…just a reason…what if you are the ultimate mate…freaky uninhabited sex…great cook…house cleaner…great mom…suppotive and he cheats what will you think then? he’s a man…they cheat…nah sweety…he may see all of that and then some but he may be feeling he isn’t giving back the same and he feels pressure…pressure…pressure and finds some trife ass chic with a nasty disposition…dirty house…unruly kids that couldn’t boil water right…but she is carefree and no pressure is on him about what he lacks..he may find comfort in that… this goes for women too…cheating isn’t always about sex…or the lack of…there are so many psychological reasons…it is individual based.

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