Why do females like DRAMA?

Okay so I can take some drama in a great novel, but drama in my life is what I don’t like. My thing is, the main reason why women don’t like other women is because females are messy. I am living that now; with that he said she said. Why do females like drama? Why are we the first ones to try to knock each other down? Why do we tend to go behind each others back and spread lies? My main thing is forget jealousy, forget about what she doing and what you don’t have? Why is it so hard to just walk way and move on with you life? So my thing is women always tend to start gossip, spread rumors, and call each other out of our name. WHY? Will this dilemma ever change? Are will women continuously try to knock each other down? Can you tell me how you get through it, how you cope with jealousy and lies? I need a way to deal with this at hand; this is one of the main reasons why many women can not find true friends. Ladies we need to hold each others back more. Be more understanding, and not quick to point fingers and judge. Someone one help me understand why these things happen. I want your point of view.



  1. I truly believe that drama goes back to the Garden of Eden. When Eve ate of the fruit, she shared it with her husband knowing full well that she was in rebellion to God. She did not want to be alone in her mess so she invited her husband into it, this inturn caused pain not only for her in childbirth but for women all over the world for over 2000 years and it also caused pain for her son and for Adam who lost his favor with God. The saying misery loves company is not just a saying, it’s real.

  2. It’s sad to say, but many women are jealous of other women who are doing what they want to do but can’t. It could be that they have low-self esteems or maybe they think good, positive, magnificent things in life will come to them on a silver platter. No, that’s not going to happen. They see you making great progress and taking gigantic steps toward a great future and they’re still where they were 5 years earlier. They can’t stand that. So what do they do? They start DRAMA. Drama to try to bring you down and cause you to fail. Why? Because they are so unhappy and they want to make you unhappy and as miserable as they are. They want to take your focus off of what you’re doing to make a better life for yourself and and turn it upside down. Has it happened to me? Yes. It seemed that the more I progressed, the more I was hated. I hadn’t done anything to that person, but she just started disliking me and causing a lot of havoc in my life. But, I always say pray for those that turn against you and stay strong. People who try to hurt others never get anywhere in life because they’re too busy trying to dig up dirt, sling mud, and tarnish other people. They need to get real life.

  3. Females are told very young in life that they are the center of attention. They must compete for attention, work harder for opportunities, and to be recognize by a man it takes that and more. Gossip, rumors, and a woman’s touch have put females over and under. As females we have to look at ourselves first. What do we feed to those who transport drama? We talk, vent and cry on the shoulders of our friends, and family members and unknowingly we give them what they need to start what becomes drama. We talk about how pleased we are with our husband’s, how well are children are doing in school, how we intend to move out of the neighborhood, get a promotion. We will tell them our successes and failures because we think they are people who care about us. They do, but they too are competing for that attention. The gossip and rumors created makes them knowledgeable gives them attention (doesn’t matter if it’s negative). We have to look from the outside of the dramatic circle. If we don’t give them our intimate information the drama dies, but we also know who is causing it. It may be us. Some of our friends don’t care about us enough to handle our personal issues with kid gloves. After separating ourselves we have to deal with friends and family differently. Telling them you want “No more Drama” and feeding into the drama they bring, listening to the gossip, sharing rumors, indicates your not removed. When your time comes (and it will) for good news or bad, your name becomes the top of the drama chart. We can’t avoid being talked about, looked at with jealous eyes, or compared to others who have or have not made it. But we can let our circles know that the only drama we want in our lives can be found in novels or on television. Again it’s hard because we want to be the center of attention at all cost. But too much drama squeezes the life out of us and causes our character to change.

    Step back…remove yourself from the gossip and rumor circles……avoid exchanging intimate emotions (unless you’ve identified the person as drama free)….don’t think that you’re above it all. You can ignore it to a point but getting people that are close to you to understand your views on drama, gossip and rumors will put you at ease. People are always going to talk, gossip, spread rumors and enjoy the drama. Confront it…..even if it’s your way of dealing with others that needs to change….Confront your inner circle and express your concerns. Drama free, probably not but the reduction helps you sleep at night.

  4. Girl this is a question that goes back for so many years… women have always been our own worst enemy. IDk why? but we cant walk in a room see a nice dressed woman and just say nice dress, she has to get ugly looks from everyone she’s not with all night cuz she looks HOT! WHY??
    IF your thick and gettin attention your getting the evil eye, if there’s a lot of guys paying attention to you, your a slut instead of just interesting. I mean guys don’t do it , at least not as much as we do.
    no matter where you are or go there will be a host of women ready and waiting to call another out her name and gossip, talk dirty etc…
    if we stopped hating on each other SO much we might be able to come together, but girl i doubt that will EVER happen!

  5. Well, a couple reasons that some women do that is because they want attention. The other reason is that some women who do that stuff most of the time tend to be insecure of themselves.

  6. Oh my goodness. This is the same question I was posing to my cousins and best friend this past weekend. It is beautiful when women can come together and enjoy one another without all the “hating”. I use to wonder why I had to deal with so much but I told my best friend on Saturday that I have resolved that some women just don’t like other women because of who they are, what they represent, and/or how they carry themselves. Well bottom line you either can love me or leave me. My cousin said it best when she said, “I am who I am and if you don’t like that then oh well.”

    There isn’t much I can do about what someone else does or says. I can just continue to carry myself in a way that is pleasing unto God. I am me and I am happy to be me. I enjoy being around self sufficient, positive, successful, and beautiful women. I will encourage those that may lack these qualities and just need some encouragement, but I refuse to entertain foolishness.

  7. I beleive that the younger generation was raised on Soap operas and that is all they know and sub- contiously they live their life like that?

  8. paris walters says:

    I’m a black female who is light skined and I get discriminated by dark skinned black female and I love being african american. One thing I do not like is drama with females period. But dark skinned african americans are haters of light skinned african americans. That’s drama. If you are ugly don’t blame fine people blame your parents because they had you not the people u hate. Take the words to your parents because they are the reason you are ugly not me. I hope no one takes this the wrong way don’t hate on me hate the one that made you ugly your mom and dad they should of made there children look like something you probably should of been cute.


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