How important is drama in a novel?

As a book lover, one must say that I have to be intrigue when it comes to novels. I love to see the similarities to people that I know or something that I have seen inside of novels that I may read. I must say that my number one most liked type of book is drama. I feel that as long as drama isn’t in your life, then of course you want to read it. I love the scoop of what’s going to happen next. I love to be surprised and slapped with reality. Drama to me is so riveting and exciting. It is another form of entertainment.

Now, when I am reading a type of urban lit I seem to always want to have a little of drama in it. So my question how important is drama in a book? Do you look for some big secret or something some exciting to happen that it shocked the mess out of you? Tell me what you crave inside of a great read.



  1. Yes. I think drama is important in a good read most of the time. I usually like something big to happen in a good book.

  2. Drama for me is essential in my reading a book. I love to get involved in the action or mystery as I read. It also gives me insight into my writing.

  3. Yes it is important without it there no point to read the book to me. Its jus like reading the newspaper or something it make it boring the drama keep the reader intigued and keep the book suspensful and make it a real page turner without it, its just another book.

  4. I have to be caught up in a story from the beginning or shortly there after. I love when I began to read and the novel starts off with me asking questions like- why, how, what did they mean by that? Which in turns make me want to continue to read more so that I may find out all of those questions. Thats why I love,love Eric Jerome Dickey books. His books are full of drama, twists and turns. He also gives readers the unexpected too. So drama is very important. Not neccessarily over the top or bad drama, just a really good story line that makes sense and flows well.

  5. I read once that drama is danger and opportunity mixed up together. I like when the conflict is so intense that the pages melt for me, as a reader, and I get caught up inside the story as if I’m a part of it.

    I like how Toni Morrison has an oratory quality to her works where you participate almost like the Black church with the call and the response.

  6. A book has to have drama in it to intrigue you to want to read more. If it was blah, the reader wouldn’t care what happened next and would probably put the book down and pick up another one.

  7. Drama is a reaction to an action and always necessary to move a story forward. With the many types of drama out there; from “in search of Obama” to “a day in the life of baby mama”, it’s easy to find an escape valve from our own idiosyncrasies and immerse ourselves in some good old fashion by the campfire storytelling. How important is drama? It’s the motion that rocks the boat and keeps the pages turning.

  8. I love hints of drama leading up to the unexpected. When you read a book that has over the top drama you tend to see it as unrealistic. There is a such thing as too much drama.

    I put away 5 books a week…I am an avid eader. I think it enhances my own writing. That been there done that drama can slow me up. Because I read so much I can almost map out what is going to happen…but that book that proves me wrong is the “Ultimate”. Every day life drama is for the bids…people who see very little drama…but when a book hits me with some new stuff…something that I can sit back and cover my mouth or yell out wake up B*&^%!…or no he didn’t every other page…in a quiet setting is what I crave.

    Because there are so urban fiction writers all ove the US and outside of the US books authors with sequels or multiple books I tend to give a break…slip in a new up and coming author (Because they usually have that hungy spark that is new and refreshing) then I go back to the K’wans and Noire’s (Favorite author)E. Lynn’s and Eric Dickey’s.

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