How do I live my life and make sure I fulfill my spouse’s needs?

 I personally do a lot in my career. I am a mother, wife, student publisher, author, literary consultant, and book promoter. Where in your time would you say do you make time for your family? How can you make time for your spouse and at the same time make sure you are happy? Once must not lose their self in trying tm make sure every one around them is happy and forget about them selves. Some people work their whole life for others and finally want a success story for them selves. So for those out there who may be feeling like they don’t know how much to give to them selves and their spouse, share some words or your experience?



  1. That is a problem I am in right now. It is a balancing act that’s for sure. When you are a writer sometimes it seems like you are always writing, but I think you should involve the people closest to you in some of your activities. Like readings and feedback on your endeavors basically carve our some time for them it will be worth it in the long run.

  2. Angela Sandoval says:

    First step back and take a good look at the picture. You have done. Now look at the calendar. Pick a day or better than that pick two days. We all know you have the time shared up. Find a trip or better a hotel with a spa for you and you lover. Find a babysitter. Enjoy love. You have one life. Treat yourself and husband. Love each other and enjoy life together.
    Have a Bless Day
    You will found the time but you must find a way
    May god continue to bless you and your family

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