When is it considered okay to date your friends ex?


You have heard the saying that your friends ex is off limits. But are they always going to be off limits. This is what some women hate to see is to find their friend on the arm of the man they use to love. But on the other hand some guys may not care for their friend to start dating their ex. So I ask when it is okay for someone to date their friends ex?


Is there a time limit?

Should it never be considered?

Should you ask your friend first?

Should you do it and just hide it from your friend?


Is it true to say that even if your friend says they don’t care about you dating their ex that they should still do it? Couldn’t it still get a little sticky?


I want to know your thoughts



  1. As far as I am concerned there is NEVER a proper time to date your friends ex. I know sometimes the world seems small but this is a BIG planet. There are billions of people walking the earth’s surface. Surely one can find another. As a friend, I just think it’s wrong to date your buddy’s old flame. It’s weird and almost seems desperate.

  2. I don’t think it should be considered, especially if there’s close proximity between you, the ex, and your friend. I makes for an unhealthy mix, not to mention personal moralistic value.

  3. Well my comment to this is, there are just some boundaries that a person shouldn’t cross and of course this is one.
    “Why would a friend even consider stabbing a loved one in the back. I feel anyone that does this is just straight out strifling.

  4. Dating a friend’s ex, I feel, can bring tension between the two. That is a definate no, no matter how long it has been since the break up. A friend may say that it doesn’t bother them but deep down inside who wouldn’t be bothered by such a thing.

  5. It is never a good time to date a friend’s ex! No matter what the friend will say. DO unto others how u would want to be treated! How would your feel if the shoe was on the other foot.

  6. NEVER date your friend’s ex! One runs the risk of ruining a lifelong friendship. How does one explain to their friend that they’re interested in their ex? Hell, how can you tell a friend that their ex tried to holla at you? I can’t imagine having that conversation and don’t ever want to. I am SO glad my best friend and I have different tastes in men. I could never see myself with ANY of the guys she’s dated in the past. Personality is a MAJOR plus for me, and half of them have no clue what personality is. Stay away from situations like this.

  7. People can’t help who they love or like. Who am I to tell two people who like each other not to date because of how I feel? Yes there are many people in the world but what if the right person for my friend is my ex? We are so caught up in what is fair to us but love is not about any particular person. And even if it isn’t love, you can’t know you will love someone until you like them first. I say if the friend and ex come to you and are willing to be upfront about how they feel then you should at least give them a chance to see if their attraction for one another is real. The more you try to tell them not to date the more they may become attracted to each other and now you have two resentful people on your hands. You may have actually forced them to do things behind your back. Either way it’s a sticky situation, one nobody ever hopes to be in. If it does happen you and your friend have to decide if your friendship is worth the ex.

  8. As far as I am concerned it is never okay to date your friends ex. I am a person who is big on friendship. I am loyal and a true friend. I expect for that person to be the same for me. I guess thats why I can say that I have maybe to real friends in my life. Both of whom I went to school with and still talk to till this day, one is my very best friend for 20yrs now and the other is a really good friend since high school. I know many people and call some my friends but that all have limits because its just hard to find a real, true friend and someone whom you can trust. I feel that that is a fine line that should not be crossed. Even if you guys were ever friends and may not be close or close as you once were, it’s still not okay. Just use your better judgement and be wise with decisions that are made.

  9. OOhh that has ALWAYS been one of those understood, unspoken rules from the time that we were in jr. high school. If your close friend has dated a guy..he is off limits..FOREVER. PERIOD. END OF STORY.
    The same went for family members. If a family member (sister, cousin) had dated a guy. He is off limits. Also,if you had ever dated a guy..any other male in his family (brothers or close relatives like 1st cousin) was immeditely off limits. It was not even a consideration.

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