When is it going to far to gain revenge?

In the Ultimate NO NO five characters tells their story on the journey they went through when a woman decided to take actions into her own hands and get revenge  back on a man who broke her heart.


When is it considered a good idea to get revenge on someone you use to be in love with? I personally don’t see any good in revenge. It may feel good at the moment but as you read The Ultimate NO NO you will see what will happen if and when you take on this task. When you think about revenge all of these things take place


Heart ache







Lost of friendships

Lost of trust


Is it totally worth it to take revenge no a man or a woman? I want to know what you think



  1. I feel that revenge is not worth it at all. I mean, it might make you feel good for a little while, but after that, what have you accomplished? It just creates a circle of revolving hurt, which I think you’ll probably see when you read this book. It’s a must read!

    Adam Grady

  2. I don’t believe in getting even . I just consider that i made a bad choice and move on.

    I had a ex-boyfriend that always talked about getting even with every one he said or did some thing to make him angry. He couldn’t understand how i could just people get away with stuff. I just wanted to put it behind me and get on with my life.

    The less complicated my life is the better. It’s not a good feeling to be carrying around all that hate. I don’t think that plotting to get revenge will solve any thing. If you succeede then what ? It’s just a never ending cyle of hurt and inflecting pain on some one else is just not my thing.

    Now if some thing unpleasant happens to that person and i had nothing to do with it then i am most likely not going to feel bad about it.

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